Moe Greenberg

Moe Greenberg



Moe Greenberg was born and raised in New York. He is a member of the state Bars and Federal Courts of Rhode Island and Massachusetts. Moe attended SUNY Albany, majoring in Classical Civilizations. After graduating from Boston College Law School in 1981, he began working as an Attorney Advisor at the Providence, RI Office of Hearings and Appeals (today’s OHO), collaborating closely with Administrative Law Judges deciding Disability and SSI claims. From that position he transitioned to another public sector job – Law Clerk to the sole US Bankruptcy Judge in Rhode Island.

Moe began his career in private practice more than 30 years ago initially in the area of bankruptcy law. Subsequently, he began representing disability claimants and eventually formed his own firm dedicated exclusively to that field of practice. At the time he launched his own disability law practice, there were very few attorneys in that field.

Over the past 30 years Moe has provided successful legal representation to thousands of disability claimants. Technological, business, and legal changes in the field of disability law required evolving, flexible strategies leading to the formation of United Disability Lawyers Group more than 11 years ago. Moe has been able to guide the firm’s growth and path to excellence without losing sight of the importance of personal well-being and having the time for friends, family and interests unrelated to the practice of disability law.

“Knowing that our firm has helped so many from our community during their most vulnerable times gives me a profound sense of satisfaction.”