G. Taylor

United Disability Lawyers Group did an awesome job with my Social Security Disability Claim in 2018. My Attorney at the firm was very courteous even including the staff. The Firm took my claim. Through collaboration and being there with me in the courtroom; we won the claim. I thanked God first, and now have thanked my Attorney for being there for me and making my life easier.

The one thing that I would like to express is that you have to have patience when it comes to your claim. Claims are not won in a day. So don’t get mad at the Attorney if this does not happen. All claims are treated differently depending on what your claim is about. There are guidelines for the Attorney and the AJ to adhere too. All I know is, that I would highly recommend this Law Firm to all my friends, family, and people that ask for some assistance. I would give the Law Firm 10 stars, but unfortunately I can only give 5. If you need a great Law Firm then please give United Disability Lawyers Group a try.